Casual Living

Donna Chung and Tim Lokiec
January 7 - 29, 2011

Bodega is happy to present Casual Living, a collaborative project of Donna Chung and Tim Lokiec. For the exhibition, the artists have produced a collection of material works informed by the logic of wall sculptures and bas-reliefs. This is the first show devoted solely to Chung and Lokiec's collaborative venture and is accompanied by the release of a limited edition artist book.

Causal Living articulates a calculated world-view: a perpetually considered, generative thought-bliss. Image and object are presented together, jammed up onto a white bulletin board, affixed, attached and on display. The relief sculpture presents material in a frieze, equalized and non-hierarchical: painted canvases are abutted to a straw sun hat and mobiles are flattened against the wall.

Casual here is not used in a pejorative sense but as a response to a world in which time is scarce. The idea of a casual life is in fact a unique contrast to the networked and globalized world of contemporary life, a world in which the narrow gate of the here-and-now frequently precludes any possibility of casual time: of excess time and therefore a casual life. Casual Living employs a set of forms that expand time, in the ease of their visuality, their elasticity and associated lifestyle vibes.


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