"An evening in service of culture and the senses"

Cocktails II is a one night only event to be held at Bodega on October 15, 2011. It is the second in a series of cocktail party-cum-art happenings to which the public is invited for a casual exchange of art and alcoholic beverages. Each artwork in Cocktails II serves a specific need that such a soiree demands, straddling function and aesthetic while integrating social and sensual experience in a leisurely environment. Guests can expect live music, a curated bar with unique drink sensations and much more. Cocktails II is organized by PplSft, a Chicago-based artist group comprised of Alistair Matthews, Chloe Seibert, Drew Olivo, Oliver Apte, and Sam Lipp.

Featuring works by:
Drew Olivo, Carson Fisk-Vittori, William J. O'Brien, Sam Lipp, Mackenzie Katter, Michael Clifford, Chloe Seibert, Pia Howell, Alistair Matthews, Alison Veit, Paul Cowan, John Transue, Luis Miguel Bendaña, Kate Ruggeri, Oliver Apte, Matt Marble, tastes by Emma Lipp & Laura Veit




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