December 8th, 8pm
Beth Heinly: Free Psychic Readings
Leslie Rogers: Showbox

December 11th, 7pm
Erin Dunn
Devynn Emory
Jen Rosenblit: Salivate If You Could
Alison Veit and Elyse Derosia: Lingua Franca
Mariana Valencia: Huesitos z.p.g.
SKOTE: Glands

December 14th, 8pm
Joanna S. Quigley, Bobby Gonzales, Kate Shapero: Intensity II

December 17th, 8pm
Philadelphia Out Of Phase Book Release Party and Group Show
  With performances by
Darren Finizio, Charmaine's Names, Hott Tubb, Athena Llewellyn,
and Miss Janneke Raaphorst

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