Orion Martin
Eczema Song
February 19 - March 27, 2016

press release

Don Bellows, 2016
Oil on canvas, frame
35.5w x 51.5h in.

Shrimp Pastel Nº88, 2016
Oil on canvas, frame
40.5w x 51.5h in.

Sir Michaels, Tarp, 2016
Oil on canvas
36w x 72h in.

Shoe, the Franch, 2016
Oil on canvas
72w x 36h in.

Automaton, Fabulous Muscles, 2016
Oil on canvas
72w x 36h in.

Eczema Song, 2016
Printed vinyl on plexiglass
108w x 27h in.

Dear Eczema,

Where were you? I went to the tarp like you said and I sat there for two hours. I got thirsty and went to get water. I left a note. I came back fifteen minutes later and waited another two hours.

I think I would have seen you coming or going when I got the water so I guess you just never showed up. What happened? What's wrong? Where did you go? I am worried and afraid to call your house.


Nothing happened. I never went to the tarp. I didn't want to see you. I don't ever want to see you. I can't explain, there's nothing for me to say. Please don't contact me ever again. You don't

Eczema Song


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