Judas on Breath

Jen Rosenblit
January 14 - 28, 2012

Throughout the month of January, Bodega is happy to present Judas on Breath, a group of three events by Jen Rosenblit. Judas on Breath is the contextualization of Jen's newest work, In-Mouth, set to premier at New York Live Arts in February 2012. In addition to three events, Bodega will be open to the public Thursdays through Mondays from 12 - 4 when Jen and other performers will be residing in the gallery rehearsing, thinking, researching, and engaging those who wish to visit.

"I am twenty eight and a half years old. I make dances and have been since I was five years old. It was serious then and it is serious now. My friend, Addys Gonzalez, and I have been digging at the idea of collaboration for a decade now. He has been in every dance. He has had every conversation. We will be essentially moving into Bodega for the month of January. My living space, the way I fold the towels, how I design the spice shelf, my cabinet of mismatched yet curated cups, this is my work. Dear Dad, you are turning me into a protester, and Dear Mom, I hate the world so much it is making me queer."

Saturday January 14th 7pm
"A gallery-style event that looks at the idea of isolating performance, rather than just performing. Audience becomes a key factor in performance. This idea of witnessing, occupying space, judging, looking, seeing, being in front of, and being with audience is something I am interested in. We are concerned with dance and will be looking at details, seeing situations, thinking about duration and time. This is a durational performance, however the expectation of being engaged from beginning to end is lifted. Feel free to wander, get a drink, sit down, talk, get really close to what is happening. You will not miss anything if you show up late or leave early. Some things will repeat and some things will not."

Sunday January 22nd 1pm
When we eat and drink the way we do it: a lunch n' lecture
"Bodega is building me a last supper table. We are all Judas. We will sit and eat a lunch curated by Bodega, we will break bread. As I lecture (with a full-mouth) on ideas of performance, the body, gender, politics, history, structure among whatever else, poet Stella Corso will interrupt, engage, and create undertones with her imagistic writings. You will never be so full."

Saturday January 28th 7pm
When Them
"Much like the first gallery-style event, When Them will happen over time. Some things last longer than others, some things demand your full attention and some things let you determine the experience. We will create a structure for the evening that allows the audience to engage in each artists work as they see fit. Artists include Kyli Kleven, Mariana Valencia, Courtney Cooke, Addys Gonzalez, Jules Gimbrone, Geo Wythe, Effie Bowen, Lauren Grace-Bakst, Emily Logan Wexler, Ben Van Buren, Gillian Walsh, Steve May, Kate Brandt and Stella Corso among others. We will open up our work to look at it looking at you, rather than just expect performance out of the situation."

-Jen Rosenblit


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