Joshua Abelow and Gene Beery
Keeping a Close Eye on the Wind
October 12 - November 16, 2014

press release

Bodega is happy to present Keeping a Close Eye on the Wind, a two-part exhibition by Joshua Abelow and Gene Beery at Freddy in Baltimore and Bodega in New York.

Both exhibitions have developed from an ongoing correspondence between the two artists over the past two years and bring to life the nature of the artists' predominantly online relationship.

The exhibition at Bodega consists of sixteen paintings by Gene Beery, thirteen paintings by Joshua Abelow, and three collaborative photographs. Beery's text-based paintings feature classic 'Beerian' declarations such as "FAILED PORTRAIT," "ART IS MY PET!," "WIND VISUALIZER," and "MAGIC THAT FAILS." Abelow's paintings feature witch profiles.

The exhibition at Freddy consists of ten collaborative photographs shot by Abelow in New York at Bodega and altered by Beery's inclusion of poetic text in response to each image. Mediated by each artist, the resulting works serve as precursor, evidence of, and aftermath to the collaboration.

A publication featuring additional collaborative photographs accompanies the exhibition.

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