Kleenex Rose
Luis Miguel Bendaña, Camille Blatrix & Matt Paweski, Liz Craft,
Allison Katz, Orion Martin, Autumn Ramsey, Em Rooney
May 10 - June 14, 2015

press release

Allison Katz
Intimacy, 2015
Hubcap and glazed ceramic
17.75w x 17.75h x 6d in.

Em Rooney
Casey, Seasons, 2015
Calf hair, digital C-print, styrene, wood
20.5w x 22h in.

Orion Martin
Chean Brinx tres, 2015
Oil on canvas
35.25w x 51.25h in.

Luis Miguel Bendaña
Cherry, 2015
Enamel on cast bronze
2h x 1w x 1d in.

Liz Craft
Word Bubble (bla, bla, bla), 2015
Ceramic and aluminum
23w x 27h x 3d in.

Autumn Ramsey
Christmas Rat, 2013
Oil on canvas
28w x 22h in.

Camille Blatrix & Matt Paweski
Spring Collaboration, 2015
Euro-beech hardwood, birch plywood, marquetry, synthetic ivory, aluminum, steel, aluminum rivets, enamel, wax
36h x 13w x 14d and 40h x 11w x 14d in.

Luis Miguel Bendaña
Untitled, 2014
Ballpoint pen on paper
5.5w x 4.25h in.

The sunlight has ripened further, the peddlers are farther away, the warm produce is more acrid, in the markets of the world, along inexpressibly perfumed boulevards, on shores of seas, at the foot of volcanoes. I rejoice as one rejoices sowing seed with a fervor that mixes irreconcilable substances, magmas without amalgam, when life is April's lemon and rose.

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