Wax Apple

Michael Guidetti, Alyse Ronayne, Christopher Samuels, Natalie Rognsøy, Kate Steciw, Sam Falls, Paul Cowan, Robin Cameron, Ben Schumacher,
Bailey Salisbury, Myranda Gillies, Collin Hatton, Jessica Labatte, Lucas Blalock, Andy Meerow, Andrea Longacre-White
June 11 - July 17, 2011

Natalie Rognsøy, Sam Falls, Kate Steciw, Jessica Labatte, Collin Hatton, Lucas Blalock

Andrea Longacre-White, Kate Steciw, Robin Cameron, Robin Cameron

Andy Meerow

Chris Samuels

Bailey Salisbury and Myranda Gillies

Michael Guidetti, Paul Cowan, Ben Schumacher

Ben Schumacher

Michael Guidetti

Lucas Blalock

        Collin Hatton

Alyse Ronayne

Paul Cowan

In a model of conceptual art that privileges the process and intent of a project over a final object, the act of making and the act of reflection are at odds with one another; the physical document cannot be the 'real' work. In Wax Apple, Bodega presents the work of sixteen artists who confuse this historical model of separation. The collection of objects highlights the temporal and physical located-ness of things at the same time it addresses their methods of production and distribution.

How do we locate a work in the complicated relationship between material object, digital file, printed document, and the network of its reception? What is the 'real' work that we are locating? How useful is it to think about a 'real' work? In what capacity does it exist?

Wax Apple presents a renewed enthusiasm for the intrinsic and formal parameters of objects: medium, material, color, composition, etc. The knowledge that these themes are the subject of a well-worn art historical dialogue does not lead the artists to a self-defeating cynicism, for these themes are indispensable tools in understanding our complex world, its images and theoretical discourse. These material and formal investigations place the work in a dynamic relationship between production, product, and reception.


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